Apr 302008

[Translate] The Last Lesson by Fritz Hirschberger (1912-2004) A Nazi guard talking to a nine year old Jewish boy who is on his way to be gassed in an Auschwitz gas chamber: “Well my boy, you know a lot for your age” “I know that I know a lot, and I also know that I won’t learn any more,” replies the boy. From the sworn testimony of witness Wolken. 1965 trial of Nazi criminals. Frankfurt am Main, Germany. From the book account Auschwitz,; page 88, by B. Nauman. Publisher F. A. Praeger, New York, NY.

Apr 142007

[Translate] Indifference by Fritz Hirschberger (1912-2004) Sunday evening, 15 April until sundown 16 April is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Can you imagine an entire country coming to a standstill for two minutes? This means stopping what your doing, whether you are at home or at work or in your car and thinking about the six million lives that were lost. A siren is sounded at 10AM on Monday and everyone stops what they are doing: cars stop driving and the drivers get out of their cars and stand in the middle of the highway for two minutes. The first time I experienced this, it brought me to tears. I was in a bus on my way Click here to continue reading this post

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