Israeli Food Bloggers’ Event – 21 January – Tel Aviv

Hi Fellow Israeli Food Bloggers,

Have you been curious to meet your fellow food bloggers? Do you know the difference between WordPress and Pressed Duck?

Join me and Miriam Kresh from Israeli Kitchen to talk food, trade cooking secrets and just have fun getting to know one another.

When: Thursday, January 21, 2010
What Time: 20:00
Where: Mazzarine Patisserie Artisanale, Montefiore 42, Tel Aviv

We have to spend a minimum of 50NIS per person to reserve a big table.

RSVP by Tuesday, January 19th to:
Miriam: mimi[at]israelikitchen[dot]com or
Michelle: baroness[at]baronesstapuzina[dot]com

Long Break and Smashed Desk

Sorry for the long absence, but I have been nursing my husband back to health for the past month. I was all ready to post something new, when a suitcase fell from the top of my guest wardrobe onto my computer  desk and broke it in half!

Luckily, my computer and monitor survived the trauma. I hope to be back this coming week with a new post.

Thanks for your patience,

Baroness Tapuzina

Blog Break – Moving House


I will be back at the end of the month with more goodies to show. Meanwhile, while I am breaking my back packing, have fun revisiting some of my recipes from last year. I am moving to a small farming village and look forward to showing you things that I am planning to grow in my new potted garden.

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