Low Cooking Flame

Losing a loved one is something that no one wishes on themselves or at least hopes that the person one has lost had a very long and fruitful life, but when the loss is a parent whose time on earth could have lasted a little longer, the pain is somehow deeper. My much beloved father died at the age of 73 after an 11 year battle with Alzheimer’s; an evil disease that removes one’s essence. He was so full of life, had so many more things he wanted to explore, meals he wanted to make, life events he wanted to experience.

He was my father, my mentor, my biggest fan, my professor of art, music and history, a lover of all things Apple, a thinker, a tinker, a gourmet cook, and the nicest, gentlest man you could ever meet. I will miss him terribly, but no one should have to suffer the cruel effects of Alzheimer’s.

So my absence for the last month was not because I haven’t been cooking, it is just that my cooking flame was set to very low for the past few weeks.


My wonderful father, Fred Kemp z”l  (1939-2012) died on 24 February. May he rest in peace and may his memory be for a blessing.

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